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Date: Mon Jan 21 2002 - 23:48:01 GMT

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    >But I don't believe it's the idea that becomes the
    puppet master. It's the
    >person who sees a way to use an idea for that purpose
    who becomes the puppet
    >master. The men who used fear of God to make people
    accept ungodly ideas is
    >the villain, not the ideas themselves. They use
    ignorance and fear to drive
    >out ideas that might counter what they preach. They
    convince people to
    >accept ideas that fly in the face of what their
    senses tell them by selling
    >the idea that faith is more real than what your eyes
    can see. That heaven
    >is a better goal to strive for than a life of peace
    and harmony with one's
    >neighbors. This is the work of men, not ideas.
    Ideas are just the tools
    >they use.

    Indeed, ultimately it is the orginator of the idea
    who is the `master', who is human. But that
    doesn't mean that people can't be spellbound by
    infectious memes. Cult-idealogical memes set a good
    example. Such memes fill a need to some receptive
    people indeed, but in return you will work as a
    slave for the cult-doctrine for the rest of your
    life (unless you get deprogrammed of course).


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