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Date: Mon Jan 21 2002 - 23:26:55 GMT

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    >Scott, I do not question at all the possibility that
    memes, ideas, or=20
    >whatever, can influence people. I'm influenced by
    viewing a stand of old=20
    >growth trees very substantially (I'm a forester), and
    I would be foolish to=
    >doubt that ideas can influence people.
    >What I doubt is that the meme, or old growth stand,
    or whatevery, wants to=
    >influence me.

    I agree, the meme clearly doesn't want anything.
    It's an abstract entity with no will.
    The verb `to want' should be considered with
    a metaphorical meaning. It's easier to say that
    a meme wants something to describe its dynamics.
    Perhaps better would be to speak of the more
    neutral infection potential.
    I guess the slogan of memes wanting anything is
    an artifact of assuming the `meme's eye view'.


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