Re: Sensory and sensibility and a big question

Date: Mon Jan 21 2002 - 13:33:31 GMT

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    On 20 Jan 2002, at 18:10, Philip Jonkers wrote:

    > >I think 'memetic sex' can include much more than two
    > people.
    > >Think of some rock concert.
    > I don't know what inspired you to come up with this
    > particular example. But yes, baby-memes may be the
    > result of meme-host orgies.

    Uh, maybe that was a bad example. I wasn't referring to rock
    orgies but just the concept of someone being on stage and an
    audience receiving the memes from this person.

    What's good about the example is that memetic sex doesn't have
    to be boring. Some philosophic discussion might be nice but not
    very exciting. I think the best memetic sex (like some concert)
    where the audience intensely feels something has also the best
    'outcome' cause you remember it better, the memes stay around
    with you longer.

    A lot of artists even compare the feelings on stage to an orgasm so
    'memetic sex' might be not that absurd.

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