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Date: Mon Jan 21 2002 - 13:33:31 GMT

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    On 20 Jan 2002, at 18:48, Philip Jonkers wrote:

    > Interesting distinction but it should be mentioned
    > that perception is tainted with personal biases and
    > prior worldview. It may be that already at an early
    > stage, perception, pathological memes creep in to
    > those who have not a rational grasp of the world to
    > begin with.

    All this talk about 'rationality' is kind of old i think. I mean some
    things might be just true like something standing in front of you or
    a car which is coming towards you. Everyone sees it, it's there.
    You're going to hit by it if you don't step away. But everything apart
    from that, every interpretation whether scientology is evil, hitler was
    good/bad for germany. Abortion discussions and so on. People say
    that there is a rational viewpoint which says something is good or
    bad. But it's just based on the personal/cultural standpoint. When
    you're rational it's basically because your opinion fits into what is
    currently culturally accepted to be true.

    Same with Mr.Spock, in which way is he a 'logical' being? On what
    is his logic based on? Without any sourrinding cultural value
    system logic is nothing. For Spock science might be more
    important than for Kirk. Kirk's logic is to get the chick on the new
    planet, Spock's logic is to analyse the planetery atmosphere.

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