Re: The necessity of mental memes

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Date: Mon Jan 21 2002 - 07:24:42 GMT

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    At 12:23 AM 21/01/02 -0500, "Philip Jonkers" <>


    >Memes cause those they have successfully
    >infected to
    > >spread the meme by both direct methods
    >(proselytizing) and indirect
    > >methods (such as writing). Such memes become more
    >common in the
    > >culture pool.
    >True, but this goes for any evolutionary process.
    >Better ways to adapt always prevail and dominate
    >and drive the less blessed ways to adapt by
    >claiming and draining the bulk of the resources.

    Reality is a good deal more complicated. Sometimes the effectiveness of
    doing something depends on what others are doing. If you remember Dawkins
    on ESS, sometimes you get mixed strategies or mixed gene pools as the
    stable solution. Memes would be the same in some circumstances.

    Keith Henson
    Keith henson

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