Re: Looking for Road Signs

Date: Mon Jan 21 2002 - 04:33:15 GMT

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    In a message dated 1/10/2002 8:25:30 PM Central Standard Time, Wade T. Smith
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    > Hi Tony Baloney -
    > >Hello Everyone, I am a student of Communications
    > Tony Baloney? Yeah, right....
    > - Wade

    Hi Wade.

    Suppose Dr. Baloney got himself an account on some university server, perhaps
    by hacking, perhaps by a well placed friend, perhaps even by getting a
    registration for a 0 hour course under that name. You could then have the Ph
    server say something like: Baloney, Dr. Tony P. I imagine the "P" would stand
    for "Phony," since that seems to be what Dr. Baloney is suggesting. But I
    must confess, I have not actually looked him up on a Ph server. (Of course,
    with a name like Baloney, he might not even try to go on a Ph. server, but
    that's another matter.)

    --Aaron Lynch

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