Re: The necessity of mental memes

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Date: Mon Jan 21 2002 - 05:23:16 GMT

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    > "Meme" is similar to "idea," but not all ideas
    are memes. A
    >passing idea which you do not communicate to others,
    or one which
    >fails to take root in others, falls short of being a
    meme. The
    >important part of the "meme about memes" is that
    memes are subject to
    >adaptive evolutionary forces very similar to those
    that select for
    >genes. That is, their variation is subject to
    selection in the
    >environment provided by human minds, communication
    channels, and the
    >vast collection of cooperating and competing memes
    that make up human
    >culture. The analogy is remarkably close. For
    example, genes in cold
    >viruses that cause sneezes by irritating noses spread
    themselves by
    >this route to new hosts and become more common in the
    gene pool of a
    >cold virus. Memes cause those they have successfully
    infected to
    >spread the meme by both direct methods
    (proselytizing) and indirect
    >methods (such as writing). Such memes become more
    common in the
    >culture pool.

    True, but this goes for any evolutionary process.
    Better ways to adapt always prevail and dominate
    and drive the less blessed ways to adapt by
    claiming and draining the bulk of the resources.


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