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Date: Mon Jan 21 2002 - 05:10:49 GMT

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    >If the now existing memes in our head are sexually
    active of being part
    >of the existing cognition involved, they are
    monogamous. But, as far we
    >can establish new ideas pop up. Memes are doing it,
    indeed with any-
    >thing and pre- supposingly with everything and every
    other meme.
    >So, in the rush towards propagation and therefor
    survival memes must
    >commit adultery.
    >A meme would be in fact an adulterous clone !
    >If such a thing can exist !?

    Sex in biological animals provides a faster way to
    adapt to extremely competetive and changing
    environments. Organisms who don't use sex to adapt were
    mostly outcompeted and supplanted by those who did.
    The function of sex is reflected by increasing the
    variation rate in the evolutionary algorithm.

    Memes may do the same thing, by cluttering together
    in meme-hosts (without the feeling of bliss though).
    When meme-hosts stick their heads together to figure
    things out, they have an advantage with respect to
    the lone ranger who has to figure things out all by
    himself. Memes inside a host may act as one together
    also to reach a solution to some problem at hand
    and thus generate new memes (applying present
    knowledge to gain new ideas, knowledge).
    Anyway, better and faster ways to adapt automatically
    get selected in an evolutionary process
    in general.


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