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    >Kenneth wrote -
    >Is the US media to blame for the fact that the man
    mudered his 5 children !?
    >This is a holistic view, a butterfly in the Amazone
    area can produce a storm
    >in Denmark....
    >IMO, the media only works as a catalyst.
    >Not showing, giving no comments equals a loss in
    income and viewer-
    >rates. It is hard competitive world ! -
    > IMHO the media does not work as a catalyst, (my
    known definition of a
    >catalyst is something that *causes* a event to
    happen) it may contribute but
    >does not cause the event!

    A catalyst is precisely just that an auxilliary agent
    that speeds up some ongoing process (IMHO orginally
    a chemical reaction).

    On the suicide thing. Suppose you are extremely
    deppressive to start with. You see know way out, you
    want to die but are rightfully afraid to do so.
    Then comes along a soulmate who bravely does what you
    wanted to do all along. He ends his miserable life,
    free at last of all the pain and suffering.
    You derive courage from that brave instigator
    and follow...


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