Re: The necessity of mental memes

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Date: Mon Jan 21 2002 - 02:06:00 GMT

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    >A third is to access the PET scan and fMRI studies
    that indicate particular cortical energy usage changes
    in specific areas correlated with the performance of
    particular tasks, both physical and mental. the gun
    is smoking, and internal meme location no longer may
    be dismissed on the grounds of a lack of empirical
    evidence. Of course, we are not able to decode thses
    indications in a fine-grained manner, but we DO know
    that when a person listens to music, or reads poetry,
    or reads text, or imagines a landscape, or performs
    mental mathematical calculations, or remembers a word
    string, that in each case, a different portion of the
    brain burns more sugar (meaning that it needs more
    energy because it is being used).

    In principle you may be right. But in practise it is
    extremely hard to even try to get a bearing on a
    neural correlate for say the meme as trivial as,
    `terrorism is destructive...'. I think the virtue
    and validity of mind-memetics would lie in staying
    on an abstract description kind of path.



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