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Date: Mon Jan 21 2002 - 01:59:11 GMT

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    >Hi Joe Dees -
    >>>What was the first meme?
    >>The idea of meaning-representation itself.
    >Well, for me, the first meme has always been the cave
    paintings. I don't
    >know how or why some creature demanded to itself to
    sketch those
    >markings, but, it must have been a fantastic moment
    >And yes, until that first scratch, there was no first

    The early graffity artists may have gotten inspiration
    to depict animals they were attracted too. The reason
    for attraction may be that they were valuable in some
    way, most likely as food. If they were valuable as
    food it is likely that tools were actually needed
    to hunt them down, kill them and process there
    flesh into eadible steaks.

    So I would bet my money on primitive tools, such as
    the hunting spear and sharp stone-blade, functioning
    as a meat carving instrument, being the prime nominees
    to be our earliest of earliest memes.

    Artistic expression of having discovered the
    joy (sheer survival capability I mean) tools
    brought came later once humans got efficient
    enough in life to actually have spare time and
    energy to generate art.


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