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    >There should be another category too though: memes
    arising from
    >logical errors. As in the woman who, after breaking
    up with her
    >boyfriend, declares that "All men are assholes."
    >is a common logical error. Cognitive therapy says
    that people are
    >prone to many different but common errors of logic,
    especially during
    >childhood, when our brains are less developed.
    Therapy involves
    >revisiting childhood learning experiences
    and "relearning" things
    >(correcting errors of logic) (modifying memes?).
    There are lists out
    >there of the common logical errors to which humans
    are prone.

    No. Ted may rightfully argue that memes based on
    logical error are pathological memes too as they
    testify of a perverted way of regarding reality.
    If you come to the conclusion that
    `all men are assholes', you have just discovered a
    new pathological meme yourself. We are not all
    assholes dammit! (Pardon my French)


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