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Date: Mon Jan 21 2002 - 00:13:50 GMT

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    >What I can't figure out is why the cutest thing in
    San Diego these days is a
    >Panda from China. We have no way of ever having
    developed a relationship
    >with them and they don't even try to act cute. They
    just crawl around
    >looking for food and acting self absorbed. They
    don't even react to the
    >crowd at the zoo that is attracted by them. I guess
    it's the "hard-to-get"
    >meme. Or maybe it's just that we learned as children
    to love teddy bears,
    >which they seem to resemble. The Australian teddy
    bear, the Koala, also has
    >a strong following.

    Any creature that looks fluffy, cute, tender, fragile,
    funny, friendly-looking we like to cuddle rather than
    merely tolerate. These creatures don't pose a threat.
    Any animal short of these requirements stands a fair
    chance to be driven into extinction by our
    loving and caring humankind.


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