Re: Knowledge, Memes and Sensory Perception

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Date: Sun Jan 20 2002 - 23:40:33 GMT

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    >>With potential memes I mean
    >>memes laying dormant in the brain, abstractly
    >>speaking, waiting to be called upon and expressed
    >>or utilized if needed. Until that moment there is
    >>no way of telling whether the host contains them.
    >Kinda why I wanted to know 'what'. Potential energy
    is recognizably
    >harnessable and, yeah, measurable, from physical
    >Potential memes, (hey, let's be strict, internal
    memes...) are not. Until
    >they become apparent in behavior, there is no way to
    know if they are
    >However, culture itself is a set of physical
    conditions that set up
    >When at a formal dinner, if you have the potential
    meme for using a
    >fingerbowl, you will. If you don't, you will,
    perhaps, have the potential
    >meme of asking about things you are ignorant of, and
    find out through
    >questioning, preferably someone who just used one....
    (But, don't ask
    >that guy who just put out his cigarette in it....)
    >Most memetic experiments, and indeed, most 'memetic
    engineerings', are
    >just that- setting up situations where expected
    >(internal/potential memes), will be realized. And,
    making little or
    >drastic changes in the parameters of the variables to
    get differing
    >responses, but, not, in any real sense, creating new
    >(I remember, back in the good old days of
    experimental music, how every
    >performance was called a 'realization'.... Ah, art.)
    >Culture is the matrix of memetic behavior.

    Yeah well and that behavior is made possible by that
    big bulby protrusion on top of your shoulders.
    The brain baby, that's where are the excitement lies
    and that's where culture come from.

    But okay, potential meme is a somewhat weak analogy
    to memes lying dormant in the brain but which
    one does possess nonetheless. Potential refers to
    possible, which means it may very well refer
    memes to be discovered and or acquired in the future
    and thus not (yet) reside in the brain.

    Instead, let's stick to the slogan `latent meme' to
    describe memes already in-brained but not
    expressed and or utilized in some meme-process
    at the time of being...


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