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Date: Sun Jan 20 2002 - 23:48:53 GMT

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    >We might divide memes into two types. Logical memes
    exploit our capacity
    >for rational thought. Pathological memes exploit our
    unconscious need to
    >believe certain things and not others. We don't
    really get infected by
    >logical memes. They simply follow from our
    perception of reality. But
    >infection by pathological memes causes us to project
    a false "reality"
    >rather than accepting the genuine article.

    Interesting distinction but it should be mentioned
    that perception is tainted with personal biases and
    prior worldview. It may be that already at an early
    stage, perception, pathological memes creep in to
    those who have not a rational grasp of the world to
    begin with.


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