Re: Sensory and sensibility and a big question

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Date: Sun Jan 20 2002 - 23:10:07 GMT

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    >> I started a sort of frivolous thread here about
    what might be sexual in
    >> memetics, since sex in genetics is such a vital
    engine of evolution, but
    >> I never considered hermaphroditic internalizations.
    I think it still
    >> takes two to tango, even on the memetic dance
    floor. After all, where did
    >> that meme come from? And, did you take it in
    >I think 'memetic sex' can include much more than two
    >Think of some rock concert.

    I don't know what inspired you to come up with this
    particular example. But yes, baby-memes may be the
    result of meme-host orgies.


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