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    > From: Keith Henson (
    > Subject: Re: Back in Hemet
    > Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
    > View: Complete Thread (79 articles) | Original Format
    > Date: 2000/07/22
    > Today . . .
    > One of Ida's neighbors, Bill, has been watching the PIs for a few weeks.
    > He was uncertain if the PIs broiling in the sun were related to my being
    > here, so he wanted to set up a test. There was one out there this
    > morning. Immediately after I drove off, the PI went after me. Bill is
    > hard to convince, so we will do it again in the morning.
    > I got out to gold base at 7. I parked on the extreme east end this time.
    > I got my thugs again, with slightly modified abuse today. I only had half
    > an hour, and from that end to the Ashlee Shaner memorial and back took all
    > the time I had. In fact, I had the thugs out of breath by the time I got
    > back to the car.
    > I went back to Ida's to stash signs, and find out the result of the PI
    > test. I had a mission which took up the major part of the day, so I
    > headed out.


    > We wondered if the streets in Redlands college were private and the PIs
    > could be told by campus security to knock it off, so we called them as we
    > were turning onto the campus. Boy, did we get a response! I managed to
    > get one of the PIs tangled up on a narrow road and the campus security
    > trapped him there. Edwin Richardson was in the other car which came by to
    > bail the first one out of this jam. The campus security called the
    > Redlands cops and a number of them responded. It was a zoo for a while
    > with 2 or three PIs, four cop cars and about 6 cops. As usual the cops
    > concluded that there was nothing they could do about it, but the hoorah
    > sure solved our problem of getting the university people to *believe* our
    > mad story about being hassled by the evil cult and the threat Rosen made
    > against our daughter. (I got a bunch of names of security people and
    > cops, but it seems pointless to include them.) Anyway, the university
    > people were boggled by the trapped PI story which rapidly spread around
    > campus, and had no problem believing our story, especially when the
    > administration got a phone call within ten minutes of the confrontation
    > with campus security asking if my daughter was enrolled there. The
    > University does not give out such information, so the only thing the phone
    > call confirmed was the ugly nature of the cult of scientology.
    > We didn't see any more of them, though they might have followed us back to
    > Ida's.
    > Keith Henson
    > Reporting from the Hemet front.

    Here's some more excerpts of your posts to alt.religion.scientology:

    >From hkhenson Wed Jul 12 21:21:24 2000
    From: Keith Henson <>
    Subject: Re: Picket, fun with thugs (gold base)
    Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology

    After one pass to the east end of the complex, I stayed near the west
    end where the buses are parked. 5 pm and no movement, 5:30, still
    there, 6, 6:30, thug 2 gave up at 6:45 and Richardson followed 5
    minutes later. 7 pm and the buses had not moved. Finally pity for
    those who had been there since 7 am got to me. (Though they might
    have moved them back to the apartments in the small vans.)

    I think by preventing buses from operating this afternoon I equaled
    (but did not exceed) Bruce Pettycrew's SP powerz of hardening concrete
    in a wheelbarrow.

    From: Keith Henson (
    Subject: Hemet again
    Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
    Date: 2000/08/02

    I was out there at about 7:25 this morning. One of the buses was
    going into town and since I had a car they had not seen before, I
    followed the bus. I was hoping to find yet another bed of clams, but
    no luck. I think they are concentrated in the apartments on Fruitvale
    and the one which looks like a medium security prison on Kirby. (Why
    care? Address for the mail campaign.)

    From: Keith Henson <>
    Subject: Re: Fifty Thousand "Clears"?
    Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology

    Ok. I am more than willing to demonstrate the effect I have on gold
    base. You stand on the west overpass and just watch how the foot
    traffic under the road stops when I am any place close on the road.

    Or watch a van back up wildly from the west gate if I show up.

    [end of excerpts]

    Looks like you've really frightened these people. And you're bragging about
    that? In preventing their buses from operating, you were clearly interfering
    with their rights. No wonder you were convicted of harassment. It's your
    inability to see your guilt-- and your claim that the verdict demonstrates that
    the American justice system has been infiltrated by Scientologysts-- that
    makes me think you're under the influence of your own pathological meme.
    You also admit here that you were gathering addresses for a "mail campaign,"
    yet you just denied having sent them hate mail. What's going on here?

    It's particularly offensive that you refer to them as "clams." Just because
    Hubbard wrote that Homo sapiens is evolved from clams doesn't mean his
    followers are less than human.


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