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    From: Virginia Bowen <ForVirg@pacbell.net>
    Subject: RE: Rogue Males by Lionel Tiger

    Very interesting Joe.  I can't recall exactly where I first read about
    fact of monogamous marriage actually being a boon to males (The Red
    maybe) because in polygamous societies a few males get all the
    (and the opportunity to spread THEIR genes - and memes).  The 72 virgins
    awaiting them in heaven surely only adds enormous fuel to the fire - a
    rather concrete otherwordly reward for their accepting the lack they
    have in
    this one!

    Just curious - does anyone know how Bin-Laden justifies that he need not
    become a suicide attacker himself?  Is it some kind of "prophet of


    I presume that he justifies his own non- suicidal attack on the basis of his
    'value' as a planner and fundraiser, and not to be 'squandered' lightly. It
    is intereseting to note that in many places around the world the ones
    exhorting people to die for the cause don't seem too keen to set an example
    themselves. e.g some of the imams in the uk.

    I also read in a magazine many years ago that homosexuality was tolerated in
    a number of African societies, as it reduced the tensions in young males due
    to the lack of female partners in polygamous societies. (see earlier lists
    re: young adolescent males). Any heard anyhting similar? or was this
    something that didn't stand up to scrutiny?


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