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    Grant wrote:


    I thought for a moment you were going to say the patron sait's name was
    Ron Hubbard.  ;-)>

    How about as a guiding theme: The means you use shape the ends you get.

    If, for example, you believe in "a life for a life, an eye for an eye,
    and a
    tooth for a tooth," what you get is a country full of graves and the
    are mostly eyeless and toothless.  If you believe that the only logical
    transaction between two parties is one that produces a win-win result
    both, you will have a society based on nonzero game playing.

    Of the four possible outcomes of a transaction: I win, you win; I win,
    lose; I lose, you win, and I lose, you lose, only the first is logically
    worth pursuing.  Most of the bad things people do to each other are
    based on
    the other three.


    I agree with you. There has been some work on this published in (and forgive
    my memory) in either New Scientist or The Journal of Artificial Societies
    and Social Simulation ( which suggest that it is
    also (if both parties co-operate) the most successful for all parties (or
    societies). It is just a shame that the win/win meme isn't more contagious
    (or the other 3 three less).
    Although as far as i am aware the peace Studies Dept at Bradford University
    ( isn't much interested in memetics it is engaged in ideas
    related to promoting the idea of win/win (along with others) which has to be
    a good thing.

    As an aside, my introduction didn't make it to the site, so Hi to everyone.
    i've been following things for a couple of weeks trying to get up to speed
    (which given the amount of info is a job and a half). Hopefully i will be
    able to contribute to the list as i get aclimatised.

    Thanks for the mental stimulation,



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