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Date: Sun Jan 20 2002 - 20:07:34 GMT

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    >Ummm...where are you going with that bit about Jews eventually owning
    >everything? :-/
    I mean in the area around Israel. Of course, they did that once already
    after a six-day war, but the rest of the world made them give it back.
    Looking at what has happened since they did, maybe they won't do that next
    time. ;-)>

    There was a Chinese adviser to Gengis Khan who told him, "You can conquer a
    country on horseback, but you can't hold it from horseback." Israel is too
    small to conquer and hold a large territory populated by people who are in a
    religious war against them. I have no doubt they could conquer it again,
    but holding it would just surround them with a larger Palestine and increase
    the number of suicide bombers trying to kill them.


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