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    Hi Grant, you wrote,
    > Has anybody tried to compare the number of people who saw this event in
    > media and the number of people who supposedly copied it? And how many
    > people out there were already contemplating killing themselves or their
    > families? A certain number of these events happen every year, regardless.
    > If the rate increases significantly beyond normal, there might be a case
    > transferrence. Otherwise, all I can see is coincidence.

    << Exactly my point !
    In Belgium each suicide which is succesful stands for 10 not- succesful
    That means, atleast for my country that a 100 people a day try something to
    end their lives !
    Those 100 cases are by no means mentioned in any news- bulletin, so the
    contaigon rate is zero ! But each day, 365 days on the trot, 7 to 10 people
    succesfully commit suicide, without any influence of any media whatsoever !

    IMO, I think coincidence is for that matter mush to simple to explain such
    high rates, but yes there is yet not found any trace of transferrence.



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