Re: sex and the single meme

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Date: Sun Jan 20 2002 - 19:40:15 GMT

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    Subject: Re: sex and the single meme
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    From: Francesca S. Alcorn <>
    Wade said,
    > >I started a sort of frivolous thread here about what might be sexual in
    > >memetics, since sex in genetics is such a vital engine of evolution, but
    > >I never considered hermaphroditic internalizations.
    > But sex is simply the exchange of genetic material. If a meme enters
    > your head (consentually or otherwise), it might contain new ideas
    > which you adopt and integrate into your existing meme structure (or
    > to use piaget's term, your schema). That is an exchange of memetic
    > information between two different memes. Ergo sex. If you
    > incorporate some of your ideas into the meme you received, and then
    > pass it on to someone else then that is also exchange of information.
    > Ergo sex.

    Hi Frankie, Hi Salice, Wade,

    Memetical sex would be be part of the cognition involved with considering
    ideas in the first place. ( See thread Definition, Please ! November 2001)

    Wade and I just free- minded about this stuff.
    We established that memetical sex doesn 't seem to be mush constraint
    about partner choise. Memetical sex can be even considered as being
    homosexual in nature, that due to the fact that memes actually doing it
    with their own kind. We considered, if that is not the case, a gender
    bias is needed. We even can consider memes are nymphomaniac_ we
    can 't stop thinking, remerber !

    But all the jokes aside, thinking about it, sex in memetic can do us
    a lot of good.
    Is sex in memetics really necessary !?
    In a way, yes, but not the kind we all are thinking of, though !
    Two lines of thoughts can be attracted to eachother due to differences in
    their individual isomorphism, but it is a kind of orgy in my head, at any
    given moment my neural contents is changed...
    But is sex necessary !?

    No, if we take the way by which memes act sexually is in fact ' cloning '.
    If we take the stand that memes are asexual, than is cloning the answer.
    It would explain the speed by which memes evolve and spread throughout
    any culture/ community and/ or environment.
    But any clone is a pure and simple imitation- product of itself.
    How can we explain the differences !?

    In analogy with the animal world, we can say that some birds strenghten
    up their offspring by committing adultery.
    We can pre- suppose that any meme commits adultery towards the know-
    ledge/ cognition already existing in their host.

    If the now existing memes in our head are sexually active of being part
    of the existing cognition involved, they are monogamous. But, as far we
    can establish new ideas pop up. Memes are doing it, indeed with any-
    thing and pre- supposingly with everything and every other meme.
    So, in the rush towards propagation and therefor survival memes must
    commit adultery.
    A meme would be in fact an adulterous clone !
    If such a thing can exist !?

    Just brainstorming away here, but I think this can founded on solid ground.
    I try, anyway !



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