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Date: Sun Jan 20 2002 - 15:58:24 GMT

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    > >Hi Joe Dees -
    > >
    > >>>What was the first meme?
    > >>>
    > >>>;-)
    > >>>
    > >>The idea of meaning-representation itself.
    > >
    > >Well, for me, the first meme has always been the cave paintings. I don't
    > >know how or why some creature demanded to itself to sketch those
    > >markings, but, it must have been a fantastic moment indeed.
    > >
    > >And yes, until that first scratch, there was no first meme.
    > >
    >The first signs were most likely tools, and their meaning or significance
    >was comprised of (a mental image of) their manufacture and use. Their
    >ideal shapes, and the behavioral means to achieve them, were stored as
    >ideations, and communicated through exhibition and demonstration. These
    >communications of created forms and techniques were unquestionably memetic
    >in nature, and they predated the cave paintings by more than a million
    > >
    > >- Wade
    > >
    If cave drawings were the first memes, then humans were able to live in
    groups that could hunt, kill, eat, and process the hides of animals without
    having or communicating any memes. That sounds kind of
    cart-before-the-horse to me.


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