playing at suicide

From: Kenneth Van Oost (
Date: Sun Jan 20 2002 - 13:56:17 GMT

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    Hi all,

    Just heard on the news !
    In addition to my previous posts,

    The guy who murdered his 5 children, was thinking on taking revenge at his
    wife for the past 4 years !
    If the media has anything to do with the higher suicide rates, or with higher
    violence/ higher rape rates for that matter, why did the man waited for such
    a long period of time to kill his family !?

    Can we say, that the latest events trigged his behavior and made him act
    accordingly !? If that is the case, what is the element in the media -coverage
    which made him do it !?
    Media is here not TV alone, also a lot of magazines reported the events
    throughout long articles. Don 't forget the radio !

    What is what makes people in those situations act:- seeing, reading or
    hearing !? Or a combination !?

    Also, last night, a man jumped to his death as he crashed on the freeway
    below and was run over by several cars, when he jumped off a bridge.
    What made him do it !? Thought contaigon !? What kind !?

    What bores me stiff is that such events are seen as one whole general
    fact. Suicide can 't be generalized.
    Hanging is in 487 cases the way by which men kill themselves, only
    23 commit suicide by jumping from a hight.
    In all the cases exposed here, none was by hanging.
    Or do we include if the media does have influence, that it dictates the way
    by which people kill themselves !?

    Also on the news, a gasexplosion ripped a house apart near Antwerp. You can
    be sure that in the next few days/ weeks one and maybe more explosions
    as such will occur if the first was due to a deliberate attempt.
    That is for the moment not established, but the question can be asked again,
    what will be the role of the media if people do kill themselves by blowing up
    their houses !?
    What is, for that matter, considered as NEWS and NOT NEWS !?



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