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    Kenneth wrote -

    Is the US media to blame for the fact that the man mudered his 5 children !?
    This is a holistic view, a butterfly in the Amazone area can produce a storm
    in Denmark....
    IMO, the media only works as a catalyst.
    Not showing, giving no comments equals a loss in income and viewer-
    rates. It is hard competitive world ! -

     IMHO the media does not work as a catalyst, (my known definition of a
    catalyst is something that *causes* a event to happen) it may contribute but
    does not cause the event!

    The person ending their life, is at the end of the day, responsible for
    her/his actions,,

      The media has real bad integrity but as for suicide, society in general
    has a lot to answer for.. I bet out of 95% of suicides most family and
    friends did not see much idication of the event about to happen and yet if
    they did a simple conversation might have prevented the tragic event!


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