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Date: Sat Jan 19 2002 - 18:54:44 GMT

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    Hi Lawrence,

    Lawrence DeBivort wrote:

    > Hello, Doug,
    > One of the effects of our actions in Afghanistan and of Bush's "war"
    > language/meme, is an increased destabilization in Saudi Arabia (among
    > others). Saudi Arabia began distancing itself from US actions at least a
    > couple of months ago, when it prohibited munitions transfer on its territory
    > for US planes bombing Afghanistan, specifically of the that monster bomb --
    > what was it called -- the Daisy something? The US military had hurriedly to
    > relocate its staging bases into neighboring areas.

    Leaving Saudi Arabia will make it more difficult to maintain bases in other
    places in the Gulf.

    The consequences of the intervention will play themselves out over the next
    decade, this isn't a short term thing. Is it controversial to say this is about
    the oil in the Central Asian Republics? Does anyone think that China and Russia
    are going to welcome an American presence there with open arms?

    > Have you seen Mamoun's Fandy's SAUDI ARABIA AND THE POLITICS OF DISSENT? It
    > has some interesting descriptions of current Saudi dissent, and a chapter on
    > Bin Laden, written, refreshingly, before Sept 11, 2001.

    I read a bit about it - one criticism of the the book was it focused on
    fundamentalist dissent and ignored more liberal Islamic opposition groups.
    These groups exist in Saudi Arabia and other countries.

    A memetic issue here seems to be the effect of fear on Western foreign policy.
    Western leaders fear 'them', they don't fear the West. There are not many
    other Islamic countries that are suitable for the kind of righteous bombing
    campaign that is still going on. One of the mythic adages of the 'warrior' is
    about not letting you enemy determine your actions. Has the Pentagon 'blown
    its wad?'

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