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Date: Sat Jan 19 2002 - 15:07:19 GMT

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    Hello, Doug,

    One of the effects of our actions in Afghanistan and of Bush's "war"
    language/meme, is an increased destabilization in Saudi Arabia (among
    others). Saudi Arabia began distancing itself from US actions at least a
    couple of months ago, when it prohibited munitions transfer on its territory
    for US planes bombing Afghanistan, specifically of the that monster bomb --
    what was it called -- the Daisy something? The US military had hurriedly to
    relocate its staging bases into neighboring areas.

    Have you seen Mamoun's Fandy's SAUDI ARABIA AND THE POLITICS OF DISSENT? It
    has some interesting descriptions of current Saudi dissent, and a chapter on
    Bin Laden, written, refreshingly, before Sept 11, 2001.

    By the way -- has anyone seen Ahmed Mir's book on Bin Laden? I heard about
    it and have been trying to find it, with zero success.


    > It's anyone's guess what will happen in Saudi Arabia after they
    > kick out the US forces, which also seems to be in the wind.
    > There is a fledgling democracy movement there, but for some
    > reason it doesn't receive much support from the US.

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