Re: Do all memes die out or evolve? I think not.

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Date: Sat Jan 19 2002 - 07:53:51 GMT

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    Subject: Re: Do all memes die out or evolve?  I think not.
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    Hi Joe Dees -

    >>Like Richard and others will mention, functionality and usefulness are
    >>nice, but hardly necessary.
    >Unless we're talking science or technology.

    Yup. For continuance, since they're being battled for accuracy (or should
    be, dammit) on a constant basis, the memes of science and technology need
    to be functional. It's nice if there's a place for them to be useful, too.

    But, the instantly attractive sometimes slide in and take up residence
    for awhile, however briefly. Cold fusion. As Keith mentioned, phrenology.
    (I think Agassiz had something to do with that, the old Harvard racist.)
    And the old stand by of paradigm shifters, plate tectonics, interestingly
    functional and useful, attractive and parsimonious, was considered too
    outré in its early presentation. So, immune systems keep out the good as
    well as stifle the bad.

    - Wade

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