RE: Why memeoids?

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Date: Sat Jan 19 2002 - 01:24:44 GMT

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    Hi Lawrence DeBivort -

    >Re. your smallpox question: I can't imagine such a scenario, and would feel
    >terrible if anyone were to recommend this.

    It's mostly your run-of-the-mill genocide-solves-the-problem solution.
    Nations, and peoples, have seen it, and done it, before. It has never
    been a solution offered with any seriousness by any free state. But it is
    a solution we need to look at as possibly coming from outside of freedom.

    >do believe that there is
    >much we can do -- even now -- to improve significantly US relations with
    >other peoples.

    Let us not ask what others can do with us, but what we can do with
    others? It still takes two to make a successful relationship, or at least
    two committed to working on it. There's much needed to do to remove the
    sources of the fostering of hatreds, on both sides, as well as the climes
    of such sources.

    Parochialism of all stripes needs to be eradicated. And that, and its
    handmaiden, tribalism, have been at the beck and call of humanity all
    along. And they appear far from vestigial.

    Tall orders, anyway, all this world peace stuff.

    - Wade

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