Re: Sensory and sensibility and a big question

From: Wade T. Smith (
Date: Fri Jan 18 2002 - 20:05:44 GMT

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    Hi -

    >I dunno but wasn't the story about the boy raised by wolfs based
    >on reality?

    Yes, there have been feral children. But did they have memetic behaviors?
    (IMHO, no.) At any rate, they were not planned experiments, and, if they
    had been, that would be totally unethical, yes?

    >I think 'memetic sex' can include much more than two people.

    Distinction needed- not 'memetic sex' whatever that might be, but 'what
    is needed as analog to genetic sex in memetics, assuming both are
    evolutionary processes'.

    >Think of some rock concert.

    What you want to do with Britney Spears is of no interest to me....


    - Wade

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