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    Hi Ted

    >We might divide memes into two types. Logical memes exploit our capacity
    >for rational thought. Pathological memes exploit our unconscious need to
    >believe certain things and not others. We don't really get infected by
    >logical memes. They simply follow from our perception of reality. But
    >infection by pathological memes causes us to project a false "reality"
    >rather than accepting the genuine article.

    I *like* this. Perhaps "pathological" is overdoing it a bit.
    Pathological implies that adoption of these memes can lead to
    destructive behaviors, which is not necessarily true. Some behaviors
    resulting from "pathological" memes is quite adaptive.

    There should be another category too though: memes arising from
    logical errors. As in the woman who, after breaking up with her
    boyfriend, declares that "All men are assholes." Overgeneralization
    is a common logical error. Cognitive therapy says that people are
    prone to many different but common errors of logic, especially during
    childhood, when our brains are less developed. Therapy involves
    revisiting childhood learning experiences and "relearning" things
    (correcting errors of logic) (modifying memes?). There are lists out
    there of the common logical errors to which humans are prone.

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