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    > >You don't
    > >need to wield power over people's thoughts when your memes are colonizing
    > >their minds. You don't have to be consciously trying to enslave them.
    > L. Ron Hubbard was really clear about enslaving people *long* before he
    > cooked up dianetics and scientology.

    L. Ron Hubbard was delusional. He never enslaved anyone but himself. And
    those who followed him took up his example.

    "Material things are yours for the asking. Men are your slaves. Elemental
    spirits are your slaves. You are power among powers, light in the darkness,
    beauty in all." LRH well before he started scientology. (I agree about
    delusional on other grounds though.)

    > The business of responsibility for
    > what you do is a tricky one. Some people, such as the John Walker in the
    > news, are less responsible than people like bin Laden.
    > Keith Henson

    "Mind control" can't explain anything that isn't already accounted for by
    memetic colonization. The concept seems to serve no function except to
    demonize the individuals who initiate and perpetuate the cult while
    infantilizing their recruits. Because they are inhuman, you are justified
    in opposing them by any means necessary. The slaves to the cult have no
    rights. They are thus subject to kidnapping and forced "deprogramming." If
    a misguided judiciary rules this illegal, then they are subject to prolonged
    harassment, such as following them to their homes and workplaces, writing
    down the license plate numbers on their cars, sending them offensive notes
    in the mail, and even picketing their children at school. And when the law
    goes on to rule that this behavior is also criminal, you are perfectly in
    your right to flee to a foreign country and demand refugee status. It's the
    same kind of narcissism that exempted Hubbard from the rules everyone else
    had to abide by.

    I have, on the basis of understanding how cults (cult memes) abuse people,
    discussed the possibility of intervention. Perhaps we should not intervene
    on the basis of protecting the cult members but on the basis of protecting
    the rest of us from cults such as bin Laden's and Aum. I think a lot of
    people from New York and Tokyo would agree.

    As far as the rest of your accusation against me, I did indeed follow the
    buses to the cults dorms where they are housed 8 to 10 of them in a 2
    bedroom apartment to collect addresses. No postcards were mailed there
    because we found out they were not permitted mail. I did not intentionally
    follow them to work except accidentally because I tried to get there ahead
    of them. I did not picket the dorms even though at the same time they were
    picketing my house. Scientology staffers at gold base have no children, it
    is forbidden. On the other hand a bunch of them followed my daughter to
    her school. See the attached report of that day.

    License plates . . . take a look at my postings from the summer of 2000. I
    reported a lot of license places, most of them on the cars of private
    investigators who were following *me."

    And please take a look at the charges and "evidence" used against me in the
    trial. Take a careful look at the motions in limine that eliminated my
    witnesses and even the ability to point out perjury by their
    witnesses. See if you think it was fair or rigged. Take a look at the
    death threat posted on May 17 by Gwen Summerfield. Look into how I was
    arrested by the SWAT team in Canada and the outcome of that. A lot of it
    can be found at

    But when you consider that cult-members remain human beings who, like so
    many others, have fallen under the sway of pathological memes, then you're
    not dealing with demons or slaves but people, and there's no justification
    whatsoever for harassment or forced "deprogramming."

    In my readings over the last few days, I've repeatedly encountered the
    sentiment that anti-Scientology groups are even more inflexible and
    fanatical than the Scientologists themselves.

    There are no anti scientology groups. The last two were CAN, the Cult
    Awareness Network. Scientology sued them out of existence several years
    ago, and bought the name and phone number from the bankruptcy court. Call
    now and you get scientology. The Lisa McPherson Trust used to help
    scientologists who were leaving, but hey were sued out of existence too,
    though their web site is still up.

    It makes me wonder if the
    virulent Scientology meme hasn't set off an equally virulent
    anti-Scientology meme. One side thinks L. Ron is the savior, while the
    other side sees him as the great destroyer. Cult and countercult. The
    strange thing is that they seem to reinforce each other. As long as
    Scientology persists, anti-Scientology will continue flourishing. As long
    as anti-Scientology persecutes Scientologists for their beliefs, then public
    sympathy will be generated for Scientology.

    This is not the case. The more the public learns about scientology the
    harder it is for them to find new members. Scientology is a bait and
    switch operation--you are never told what you are getting into when you
    join. Few would join if they knew they were signing up to pay hundreds of
    thousands of dollars to be brainwashed into believing they are infested
    with thousands of spirits of murdered space aliens.


    (continued with an example posting in 4/4)

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