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Date: Fri Jan 18 2002 - 18:26:42 GMT

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    Philip said:

    >Good point, Assisted Discovery I like that.
    >Nothing has been transferred indeed,
    >but the meme-host has discovered the meme himself
    >with or without stimulus. If without stimulus he
    >might be called a meme originator, though he might
    >not be the first at that of course. Consequently,
    >he may start spreading it by conventional means
    >of transmission or by the Assisted Discovery mechanism
    >if he is conscious of it.

    I think there is a term for this in teaching: guided learning. It's
    basic premise is that you have many modalities (sensory channels) of
    learning, and that you will learn something more "deeply" (my word,
    sorry for the clumsy paraphrase) if you learn it through *many*
    modalities, especially through experience (motor). I even have a
    diagram somewhere of the experiential learning cycle, I'll have to
    get it out and dust it off to see if it might not be relevant to
    *process* of transmission.

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