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    We might divide memes into two types. Logical memes exploit our capacity
    for rational thought. Pathological memes exploit our unconscious need to
    believe certain things and not others. We don't really get infected by
    logical memes. They simply follow from our perception of reality. But
    infection by pathological memes causes us to project a false "reality"
    rather than accepting the genuine article.


    > Excellent observation, Ted. And not just with regard to 'pathological'
    > memes.
    > Can a person infected by a meme casually tell the difference between
    > the meme and what is 'real'? My gut feeling is that the two may be
    > indistinguishable to the person. The content of a well-received meme
    > becomes an undistinguishable part of the person's sense of reality.
    > Lawrence
    > > The idea of mind control is rendered superfluous by memetics. You
    > > don't need to wield power over people's thoughts when your memes
    > > are colonizing their minds. You don't have to be consciously trying to
    > > enslave them. Rather than the recruiter controlling the mind of the
    > > both are under the sway of pathological memes.

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