Re: Paranoid Schizophrenia and Memetics

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Date: Fri Jan 18 2002 - 18:21:20 GMT

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    >> Memes are valuable or represent valuable things such
    >> as tools to hunt, make money, or engage other
    >> profitable activity. Anything valuable is worth a
    >> fight, it's a natural thing. Humans are no different
    >> >from animals.
    >Well i don't think that the flamewars are about
    stealing ideas from
    >people. That's not the point. There are people with
    different opinions
    >and everyone thinks he's right and want's to convince
    the other.
    >That's not comparable to a real fight, were you'd
    probably kill
    >someone for getting something.
    >When i read what you write, i think you mean
    something like a fight
    >for a tool. Like two people would fight for a car or
    something. But
    >this is not comparable again, because if i copy a
    meme, an idea,
    >the other person doesn't lose it.

    I see what you mean. Okay think of the following class
    of memes:
    schemes to build weapons most prominently those meant
    to inflict destruction on large scale, grow crops in
    such an efficient way that it drains resources from
    neighbors too, how to have success in life at the
    expense of others.

    Such memes are very desirable for a lot of people
    (I'd like to call it fitness increasing). If one
    possesses a meme from this class others want to have
    it too. But the first meme host has a true interest
    in preventing this from happening as they might pose
    a threat to his welfare. That's why some memes
    literally are worth a fight and as such may trigger
    an endless spiral of evolutionary adaptation.

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