Re: Knowledge, Memes and Sensory Perception

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Date: Fri Jan 18 2002 - 15:54:52 GMT

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    > >>I say it's the idea he was striving to express.
    > >
    > >What if, upon cross-examination, he were to say he
    >had no idea what he
    > >was doing? Or, if he were to say he had an idea, but
    >failed to express
    > >it? Or, if he were to say he was following a preset
    >pattern of altering
    > >chromatic progressions?

    Having thoughts and being aware of the thoughts you have are two different
    propositions. Freud was a big fan of subconscious thought and how it
    motivates us to do the things we do. And a lot of us have no idea what we
    are doing (on one level or another) or why. The reasons we come up with are
    usually arrived at after the fact and are more likely to be attempts at
    justification than valid observations.


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