RE: Blaming America First (from Mother Jones magazine)

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Date: Fri Jan 18 2002 - 15:41:34 GMT

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    I do find the defensive tone of the pieces you've
    > >posted interesting in that they get half way in recognising the
    > >that the USA was not an entirely innnocent victim of Sep 11, free from
    > >culpability in global affairs, but in fact a global player whose role in
    > >many parts of the world (rightly or wrongly) has fostered deep distrust
    > >hatred. Yet they seem to retract from really accepting it. This seems
    > >understandable given their position, if not a viewpoint many
    > >share (check the Pew Center website for its recent poll of attitudes
    > >Sep 11 and its consequences).
    > >
    > >Vincent
    > >
    I keep hearing this term "innocent victims." Does that mean that whatever
    happens to "guilty" victims is OK? And who decides the victim's innocense
    or guilt?

    I remember a story I once read about a woman in Florida who was raped and
    the newspaper was trying to rouse the public against the rapist. The story
    kept referring to the woman as a "Sundayschool teacher." They never
    mentioned what she did the other six days of the week. Maybe it was
    something that would have made her look less "innocent."


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