RE: Knowledge, Memes and Sensory Perception

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Date: Fri Jan 18 2002 - 15:28:09 GMT

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    > > Vincent Campbell <> "''"
    ><> RE: Knowledge, Memes and Sensory PerceptionDate: Thu,
    >17 Jan 2002 15:10:28 -0000
    > >Reply-To:
    > >
    > >Hi Joe, how do you define 'credible source'? US military? US media?
    > >Foreign media? Aid agencies? Who do you believe?
    > >
    > >US media have closed themselves down, the allied military have closed off
    > >Afghanistan, and basically none of us outside of the situation on the
    > >know jack about what's really going on. Real factual information about
    > >what's going on there is in short supply.
    > >
    > >I will gladly, however, bet you anything you like that the death toll in
    > >Afghanistan is already greater than in New York.
    > >
    > >Vincent
    > >
    >I sure as hell hope it is vastly greater, if that death toll is comprised
    >of Al Quaeda and Taliban. We don't want those zealous fanatical fundie
    >bastards coming over here and mass murdering more of us to punch tickets to
    >heaven if we can help it, thankyouverymuch!!!!!
    > >
    > >> >If the US does not believe that its might is evidence of its goodness,
    > >> how
    > >> >does it justify its aggression and the collateral damage (way in exes
    > >> >9/11) caused thereby. How many innocent lives does vengeance (tho your
    > >> God
    > >> >claims that right) demand
    > >> >
    > > <You need to reference your opinion with facts. as of now, the
    > >death toll from the WTC atrocity is 2939; no credible source dares claim
    > >that an equal or greater number of Afghan noncombatants have died in the
    > >reponse against the Taliban and Al Quaeda there.>
    > >> >
    "Credible sources" in the United States started claiming losses in the WTC
    of 6,000. It took 3 months to pare it down to less than 3,000. No one's
    really counting the losses in Afghanistan nor are they separating the cause
    of deaths that include starvation, sickness, attacks by the Taliban, attacks
    by the Northern Alliance, and bombs dropped by American forces. We will no
    doubt hear bandied about figures that include all of the above as deaths
    caused by American forces. There was a lot of that in discussions of
    Somalia. Let's face it, the only place where anyone is making anything
    close to a rational assessment of how many died and of what is in the U.S.
    And even those figures have been changing on a daily basis for the last few
    months. So when people start throwing figures around to "prove" their
    point, make sure you take them for what they are worth: diddly.


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