RE: Knowledge, Memes and Sensory Perception

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Date: Fri Jan 18 2002 - 10:21:28 GMT

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    > >Hands up who thinks Richard's views here have any credence
    > >Notice the way he uses the term 'we' as though he was personally
    engaged in
    > >the destruction of Afghanistan.

    well, this is how Americans talk. Maybe it could be called the Johnny
    Carson syndrome (cf: The King of Comedy)

    > >> <<Also, in the category of the Bush administration calming down
    and coming
    > >> to
    > >> its senses, it has now conceded that missile attacks from 'rogue
    > >> are
    > >> not the greatest military danger to the US, but that low-grade
    > >> attacks (e.g. trucks a la Oklahoma city) are.

    I think this is very intelligent. It recognises the biggest terrorist
    threat to the US is from within, from anonymous disaffected citizens
    who will strike at random.


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