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Date: Fri Jan 18 2002 - 09:37:14 GMT

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    > >Why the democracy meme won't fly with fundamentalist Islam. Just
    > >thought I'd throw this in the mix.

    It seems to have worked in Iran.

    do you consider 'democracy' to be a single meme?

    In other countries you may want to look at the reasons regimes are able
    to continue their hold on power. Much of the Islamic world is divided
    into countries created by the West, so their lack of national coherence
    seems to invite 'strong person' leaders, who are proped up with Western
    military aid.

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    > Thanx. And I thought imperialism was a "Western" trait. Yet on this
    site an
    > apt quote from Bassam Tibi: "The goal of the Islamists is a new
    > absolutist Islamic world power."

    how is this different than the goals of the fundamentalists who now
    control the American Government? Do people like Falwell speak for all
    of Christendom?

    It seems fundamentalists Islamic and Christian - and Jewish have a lot
    of common traits, in memetic terms. (a subject that's been done here
    before I think)

    More interesting, relevant memes here are the fear of the other meme,
    or the group-bonding-so-we-can-have-emotionally-pleasing-experiences



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