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Date: Fri Jan 18 2002 - 06:44:08 GMT

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    Scott said:

    >Thanx. And I thought imperialism was a "Western" trait. Yet on this
    >site an apt quote from Bassam Tibi: "The goal of the Islamists is a
    >new imperial, absolutist Islamic world power."

    I think it is a human trait. I've been reading through old posts,
    and you had a discussion awhile back about the origins of war and the
    prisoner's dilemma that is pertinent here. Only it's "If I don't
    destroy your culture first, then you will destroy my culture." Maybe
    if they felt that they could keep their traditions intact they
    wouldn't feel like they had to attack us. But globalization is not
    something we can turn back the clock on. Not any of us.

    >And what should we do in response to the threat they obviously
    >represent to us? Offer an olive branch? Do you think they are into
    >rational and peaceful dialogue over tea about their grievances with
    >the Great Satan and his Zionist pals?

    In an NPR report on the Oslo accords (and we all know how successful
    *they* have been) they said that the whole foundation of the process
    was to try to get both parties to make small *achievable* commitments
    to each other, and that as each commitment was followed through on,
    trust would grow between the two. This makes a lot of sense to me,
    because I think as a species, we are wired *not* to attack people
    that we have a relationship with. But then murders are usually
    committed by people who know the victims, so it's not that easy.

    BTW, the whole January 2002 issue of World Press Review was devoted
    to Islamism.

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