Re: An Interesting Article Concerning Religious Belief After 9/11

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Date: Fri Jan 18 2002 - 06:01:24 GMT

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    The last statement scares me:

    "When it comes to the relationship between modern man and religious
    faith, the century now beginning may prove make-up-your-mind time. I
    hope so."

    As a quiet agnostic in the US, surrounded by a resurgence of
    Christianity in some of its' more frightening forms, I hope *not*. I
    hope we will quietly go along with whatever uneasy truce we have
    managed to work out, and not loose too much ground while Bush is

    The only good thing I have seen in this vein was Bush getting up in
    front of the American public and defending Muslims. I really respect
    him for doing that. I wonder what he had to tell his right-wing
    Christian backers to smooth that particular one over.

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