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Date: Fri Jan 18 2002 - 05:08:42 GMT

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    >Hi Salice,
    >> > Can *any* of us tell the difference between what
    is "real" and what
    >>> is a meme? We carry around in our brains a "map"
    of reality based on
    >>> our experiences, our ideas and our attributional
    style. No two
    >>> people's maps of the world are the same, and to
    borrow a concept from
    >>> semantics, the map is *not* the territory.
    >>I think there is still a difference because not all
    sensory information
    >>consists of memes.
    >How about: Not all sensory information *produces* a

    Yeah, that's better. Indeed, it's precisely
    the question if perceived information is
    interesting enough to be processed and transmitted
    to the next meme-host. A lot of perception dies a
    silent death (gossip memes are not among the nominees,
    mundane perception of scenery however does). This
    is no less than a good thing because we have
    only limited time and energy to process and transmit
    possible perceptions that ultimately lead to memes.
    We have to be selective, nature compels.


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