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Date: Fri Jan 18 2002 - 04:47:03 GMT

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    Hi Grant Callaghan -

    >And before Wade says children that small
    >don't want, I say the cry you hear is a cry of want.

    I didn't say the infant didn't want, I said it didn't know it wanted.
    Although, in the infant's case, it is more 'need' than 'want'.

    It needs milk. It needs changing. It doesn't want a palm pilot, or a pair
    of Levis.

    >But when
    >a child starts crying to get what it wants because it saw a sibling or
    >another child get something that way, it would seem to be genuinely memetic
    >and that starts happening in the first few years of life.

    Aren't there similar behaviors in chimps? Hell, I've seen kittens with
    that sort of sibling rivalry.

    But, I'm serious. When do memes start?

    Some developmental types suggest the 'self' is not intact until somewhere
    in the fourth year.

    - Wade

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