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Date: Fri Jan 18 2002 - 03:57:49 GMT

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    > > And along those lines, when do memes start in the developing
    > > human? Any idea? Is that a valid question?
    >I think the ability to receive memes is already there even before
    >birth but the full potential develops in the first years afterwards.
    >There are these parents who listen to Mozart during pregnancy,
    >dunno whether there is some science behind it.
    When does a child start manipulating parents to get what it wants? Not too
    long after birth, I'll wager. And before Wade says children that small
    don't want, I say the cry you hear is a cry of want. Is that a meme? I'd
    say if the actions of the parent stop the crying in the child, something was
    transmitted. Something was received. Some sort of transaction took place
    between them. Whether that constitutes memetic behavior is the question.
    The actions of the child may have been genetic, at least at first. But when
    a child starts crying to get what it wants because it saw a sibling or
    another child get something that way, it would seem to be genuinely memetic
    and that starts happening in the first few years of life.


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