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Date: Thu Jan 17 2002 - 16:03:49 GMT

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    >A movie then would usually be a combination of primary non-linguistic
    >(where a director or producer observes the movie and makes one like it),
    >secondary non-linguistical artifact (for example someone making a dress
    >like one someone in the movie wore, or imitates the non-linguistic recorded
    >behaviors of the actors), frozen written (signs or other written
    >information in the movie), frozen recorded signed (where the characters
    >speak their lines).
    >Ray Recchia
    And don't forget that the final result would contain the changes to the
    memetic symbols being transmitted caused by the interpretations of the
    producer, director, writer, actors and the audience. Who knows how much of
    the original concept would be propagated by the movie?


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