Re: Do all memes die out or evolve? I think not.

Date: Thu Jan 17 2002 - 13:35:54 GMT

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    Subject: Re: Do all memes die out or evolve?  I think not.
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    > But you do not think the same way you did 15 years ago, and the
    > argument could be made that *you* are not the same person you were 15
    > years ago. But we recognize that there is some continuity there
    > which causes us to call you the same person.

    A lot of people lose themselves.

    > But now I have a question. If two identical memes arise in two
    > completely different environments, are they the same meme?

    I'd say yes. But it might be not recognizeable to everyone. If i'd
    print out some mail from this list and hand it over to some african
    tribe they won't get the same information out of it. But this really
    leads to nowhere, everyone receives information subjectively. But
    the meme stays objectively the same.

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