RE: the earth revolves around the sun

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Date: Thu Jan 17 2002 - 12:36:43 GMT

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    Hi Philip Jonkers -

    >Dear Wade & Joe, has it occurred to either one
    >of you that you both may be right?

    Oh, I knew there was rightness on both sides. I was trying to take one
    side, and make it more right.

    >This discussion reminds of the dispute between
    >Schroedinger & Heisenberg on the representation
    >of quantum-mechanics, a wave-equation vs matrix-

    Me too, actually.

    >Behavior can
    >be physically copied, meaning is an abstract notion
    >that can be transmitted if it can be captured by
    >some communicative medium (language in humans).

    Since meaning _is_ an abstract notion (a semantic vapor, if you will), it
    was my contention that behavior is the only thing _actually_ expressed,
    regardless of any _attempt_ to force meaning onto the behavior. Some
    things are so packed with meaning, and so unalterable, like the
    multiplication table, and planets revolving around suns, that any
    expression of these concepts is contextually and culturally and
    communicatively intact, and the meaning is easily and completely
    understood. A semantic solid. But very much most else is fraught with
    meaning difficulty, and the meme (of behavior) is the only way to attempt
    to express this meaning. It is an expression audience-dependent,
    transmission mode determinant, and capable of not being understood at any

    Some behaviors fit, fit well, and fit obviously. Presenting as patriotic
    after a tragedy. Comforting the wounded. Eating together. And thus they
    are continued. Cultural continuity. Memetic replication.

    Some behaviors do not fit well, or obviously. Quantum theory.
    Scientology. Thus, in order to replicate them, for the benefit of those
    invested in them, strict descriptive and educational parameters need to
    be set up.

    The fact we have followers of quantum theory and followers of scientology
    is a tribute to the comfort of culture we can have.

    - Wade

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