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    >>Hi Joe Dees -
    >>>In fact, vastly differing behaviors can and do
    indeed encode the same or
    >>>very similar meanings, and this very fact spells
    the death knell for the
    >>Again, I really do want to see the proof of that
    >>What meanings? And how did you arrive at them from
    observing vastly
    >>differing behaviors?
    >My answer to this is contained in my bank robber
    example; handing the teller a "give me all the cash
    from ypour drawer" note or whispering the sam message
    to him are differing behaviors which encode the same
    meme, either transmission mode of which will result in
    the same behavior on the part of the bank teller.

    Dear Wade & Joe, has it occurred to either one
    of you that you both may be right? In a dispute where
    there is a division by two parties both of
    which provide persuasive arguments for their case
    it may be that the truth actually lies on both sides
    (or in between).
    This discussion reminds of the dispute between
    Schroedinger & Heisenberg on the representation
    of quantum-mechanics, a wave-equation vs matrix-
    calculus. It turned out that both representation were
    valid and in fact equivalent.

    My point is that both behavior as well as meaning
    may transmitted (from person to person). By definition
    this would make both categories memetic. Behavior can
    be physically copied, meaning is an abstract notion
    that can be transmitted if it can be captured by
    some communicative medium (language in humans).


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