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Date: Thu Jan 17 2002 - 07:44:17 GMT

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    At 05:11 PM 1/16/2002 -0800, you wrote:

    I wrote

    > >
    > >After a bit of reflection but I would suggest the following categories.
    > >
    > >Linguistic -
    > > Immediate
    > > Spoken language
    > > Sign language
    > > Recorded
    > > Written
    > > Recorded -
    > >Non-linguistic
    > > Behavior
    > > Non-directed (the pure imitation category)
    > > Descriptive (non-linguistic demonstration)
    > > Artifact
    > > primary - (where an artifact's existence transmits the
    > >meme for its own creation)
    > > secondary - (where an artifact conveys transmits a meme
    > >for something other than its own creation)
    > >
    > >There must be some field of academic study that has done this sort of
    > >categorization before though.
    > >
    > >

    You responded

    >The difference between spoken and sign language is how they are
    >transmitted and received; i.e. through auditory and visual
    >production/reception. This being the case, if both are mentioned, then
    >braille should be given a transmission method category separate from
    >print, as it is read by touch, not sight.
    >However, I do not think that such is necessary; I see linguistic dynamic
    >as a single transmission method category, and linguistic frozen as another
    >single transmission method category. These categories may then be
    >subdivided into perceptual modes.

    Ok. Then let's amend the outline.

    Amended Modes of memetic transmission outline (amendments in single quotes)
    Linguistic -
                                   Spoken language
                                   Sign language
                                             'spoken' (ie. recordings of spoken
                                             'signed' (ie. recordings of signed
                                  Non-directed (the pure imitation category)
                                  Descriptive (non-linguistic demonstration)
                                  primary - (where an artifact's existence
                                                   the meme for its own creation)
                                  secondary - (where an artifact conveys transmits
                                                       a meme for something
    other than its
                                                       own creation)

    A movie then would usually be a combination of primary non-linguistic
    (where a director or producer observes the movie and makes one like it),
    secondary non-linguistical artifact (for example someone making a dress
    like one someone in the movie wore, or imitates the non-linguistic recorded
    behaviors of the actors), frozen written (signs or other written
    information in the movie), frozen recorded signed (where the characters
    speak their lines).

    Ray Recchia

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